09 March 2012

A good book for children

As you likely know, on Saturday of next week, March 17, Holy Mother Church will observe the memorial of Saint Patrick.

As I made my way to back to Springfield from Tucson through the airport in San Franciscan, I stopped at what I think is the best airport book store I've ever found.  In it, on a table of various Irish-themed books, I found one by favorite children's author, Tomie dePaola: Patrick: Patron Saint of Ireland.

When I saw it, I decided to pick one up for my nephew.  It is a typical work by dePaola and contains a couple of stories from Saint Patrick's life about which I was unaware.  Now I wish I'd picked up another copy for myself; dePaola's books are great for reading to grade school students.  And older students, too, and even adults, especially The Clown of God.


  1. We're big fans of dePaola's work. Including The Clown of God. I'm going to have to check out the St. Patrick one. It could prove useful next weekend.

    We just gave Francis: The Poor Man of Assisi to Jill and Dominic. Their first baby is due in April.

  2. That's a great gift idea for them!

  3. GirlCanChant11:08 AM

    One of my friends actually bought me this book several years ago. I have it at my parents' house - I may have to ask my mother to bring it with her on her next visit.

    St. Patrick's Day this year is extra special since my (older) friend Matt is going to be instituted as an acolyte that morning. One more year until, God willing, he's a permanent deacon. :)