16 March 2012

Why exempt the Amish and not Catholics, too?

As Sister Mary Ann Walsh points out, the Amish are completely exempt from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) because of their religious beliefs, yet the Catholic Church is not even given an exemption for parts of the legislation because of her religious beliefs.  And we're told - and supposed to believe - this isn't an attack on the Catholic Church.  Right.

The good Sister asks a very good question:
What has the government got against the Catholic Church? Has it forgotten the contributions the church has made to the poor and needy for centuries?

Catholic elementary and secondary schools provide the only real alternative to public schools in many parts of the nation. Catholic colleges offer outstanding education, be it at the university or the community college. The contribution has a long history, back to 1789 when Georgetown University was founded by the Jesuits. Yet under the health care law, if these schools and colleges wish to remain faithful to their religious principles the government will fine them into submission. There’s a thank-you note.

Many Catholic hospitals were founded by religious orders of women, and today one out of six persons seeking hospital care in the United States goes to a Catholic hospital. Until now, religious background of the patient has not been an issue. “Where does it hurt?” is the first question, not “Where is your baptismal certificate?”
Be sure to read her entire post.


  1. Couldn't agree more - we are not treated fairly at all, but to me, it's just one of the signs Jesus gave for recognizing His Church. We must still demand justice, though!

  2. That fact about the Amish has always amazed me. I believe they're exempt from quite a bit that we are not.

  3. I have some very good christian, Amish, neighbors. They live in a manner in which their faith is obvious. As Catholics, do we? We should support them as fellow christians. This is a battle between all christians and a misguided government. Not a battle of favorites. We should stand firmly in our beliefs always, not just when we are threatened. They do.