25 March 2012

Wear black on Fridays to end abortions.

Abortion Blackout is calling upon the faithful in the United States of America to wear black every Friday as a public witness to the horror of abortion and as a call for it's end in this country:

It's an easy thing for me and my brother priests to do, but since we wear black every day such a witness from us is not likely to be noticeable, but from the laity it would certainly be noticeable.

Capello tip to A Catholic Mom in Hawaii.


  1. Fr. Daren, first of all, not all priest wear the attire of the priesthood. It would be a grand statement if they did. It would also lift up the leity. Second, as well as wearing black, a rosary would lift the gesture to heaven.

  2. It would also lift up the "laity". Stupid autofill technology.