01 March 2012

Senate votes against religious freedom

The Senate of the United States of American voted this morning on the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act introduced by Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO).  Regrettably, but perhaps not unexpectedly, the bill failed by a vote of 51-48.

Among those who voted against the legislation were 13 Catholics, even though the Act would have allowed Catholic institutions to continue their operations without violating their faith.

The Catholic Advocate has a list of the 24 Catholic Senators and how they voted.


  1. I would like to write to our state senator, who always seems to vote contrary to Catholic teaching, and ask that she reconsider calling herself Catholic. Is that wrong? Our pastor often says our religious beliefs should affect everything...our politics, our economics, etc. It shouldn't be our politics dictating our moral values. He also says that our greatest threat even in these times does not come from the government, but from within...from those who are not faithful to the teachings of the church. I think "cancer" was the analogy that he used.

  2. Your Pastor is quite correct.

    Yes, you certainly can write to your State Senator, as a fellow member of the Body of the Christ, which is the Church. But when you write, do so gently and with love.

    Seek to help her recognize that you either accept all of the teachings of Jesus Christ or none at all. His way, after all, is narrow and very demanding. Discipleship is simple, but it is not easy.