06 January 2012

The exclusion of Catholics

Writing at the Mirror of Justice, Robert George passes on a note from one of his former students who is questioning the place of faithful Catholics in society if same-sex "marriage" is, as many claim, simply inevitable.

The student asked his professor at law school:
...if the SSM advocates are right and opposition to SSM becomes analogous to racism in our society, what will happen to Catholics and others whose views on SSM cannot and will not change? Are they to be excluded from public office, political and judicial appointments, or places of trust and responsibility within private institutions (e.g., law firm partnerships)? I posed the question to him because I was curious to hear his response, since he is generally a kind and reasonable person who seemed open to other viewpoints.
He found the response unsettling:
Well, they [Catholics and others] will either have to change their views or be treated in the same way that white supremacists and the segregationist Senators were treated. They were excluded from the judiciary entirely for decades because of the South's views on race.
These days are coming folks, and anyone who says differently knows neither history nor the present situation.

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