05 January 2012

A prayer from the heart

A few days ago my friend and fellow blogger Sarah posted a lovely prayer to the Savior at Harbor of Aloha:
I want so badly to please You, Lord, with my thoughts, actions, words, and deeds . . . and I need You beside me to guide me. I would love to write resolutions and stand by them like a stubborn kid in a candy store crying for candy! I want to be relentless in my pursuit of pleasing You.

Help me be kind to every single person I meet. If I fail to do so, even in my thoughts, may I quickly ask for pardon and may a Hail, Mary be boldly on my lips!

Help me remember that I have a family to feed and keep . . . so I do not buy "things" on a whim of feelings of wanting, but rather, withhold from buying and just trust You to provide the goods to fill my emptiness. Let me first think of You, then talk to my husband about our budget and tell him what I want/need so we can do this together. If I fail at this, help me remember Your Mother, and how trusting and resourceful She is! I know Her example will encourage me.

That's it. I just want to love You and the gift of my family that You blessed me with. If I'm generous with kindness to all and love my family in all the ways I can (being loving, but also a good steward of the money, gifts, and talents I have, because of You) . . . well, I'm blessed enough.

A simple and honest prayer, straight from the heart.

Mahalo, Sarah!

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