13 January 2012

Quilting Tolton

Back in my hometown, a couple of quilters are helping to tell the story of the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton one stitch at a time.

It all started at St. Peter's Church in Quincy with the goal of making a quilt to help raise money to help with the canonization process for Father Tolton. But it became a labor of love for these women in a way they never dreamed.

Shipp said, "It seemed like this is a story that should be told and here was a person who was a very ordinary person, but did extraordinary things."

St. Peter's Church has a special tie to the nation's first black priest. After Tolton and his family crossed the Mississippi to escape slavery in Ralls County, Missouri he grew up in Quincy. He later went to school at St. Peters and attended mass there [more].

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