09 January 2012

Alton Sister featured in Daily Mail

The Daily Mail has a good story on a St. Louis native who entered the Sisters of St. Francis of the Martyr St. George in Alton and took the name Sister Catarina.

Here's a snippet of the article:
She told People magazine: 'I felt this overwhelming peace, like a wave washing over me. And I said out loud, "Yes Lord. I'll do it."'

There and then she gave up her average teenage life, previously full of rock climbing, backpacking and gossiping with her girlfriends, to spending hours a day studying the teachings of Jesus Christ.

She dropped out of university after one year, closed down her Facebook page and gave up her jeans for a traditional nun's habit.

Choosing her new name, Sister Catarina - in honor of a 14th-century Italian saint who devoted her life to caring for the poor and sick - Ashley joined the Sisters of St Francis of the Martyr St George convent in Alton, Illinois.
Though she is only able to send one letter a week, make phone calls on holidays and see her family eight times a year for restricted times, she said she feels like 'This is the model that I felt Christ was going to imitate'.

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