02 January 2012

My soul aches... And my joints, too

As the weather in central Illinois continues to ride a sort of roller coaster, my arthritis continues to act up.  Today it has been especially active in the backs of my hips, causing great discomfort when I stand and sit.  Sitting more than ten minutes has proven difficult and standing up again not much easier.

This evening as I lay on the floor (it's the most comfortable place I have at the moment) watching Animaniacs I was reading Hawai'i Magazine where I found a poem from a reader in Plainfield, Illinois that resonates deep in my heart:
My soul aches...
whenever I smell flowers or see a hibiscus.

My soul aches...
when I dream of the ocean or sea a palm tree.

My soul aches...
when I hear IZ or Hapa sing or read Hawai'i Magazine.

My soul aches...
because it wants to go home.
Yes, my soul aches, and my joints, too.

If you would, please remember me in your prayers.  7:00 a.m. Mass will come early tomorrow and I fear my joints may not be in a good state at such an early time of day.  Unless the weather front moves faster than expected.


  1. GirlCanChant6:01 PM

    I offered today up for you. Hope it went better than anticipated.

  2. Thank you; it did, and tomorrow should be decent. May God bless you for your kindness!