10 August 2011

Time Magazine attacks Catholic Church in article on S&P downgrade

Several readers of this blog are continuously telling me the media is not out to attack the Catholic Church, but opening lines such as this one printed in Time on an article about Standard & Poor's recent downgrade of the US credit rating proves them wrong:
Having Standard & Poor's downgrade th creditworthiness of the U.S., and warn the country about further downgrades, is a little like having the Catholic Church lecture Scout leaders on the proper behavior toward boys.
Creditworthiness and sexual abuse have nothing to do with each other and attempting to relate them to each other shows the author's animosity towards the Catholic Church, and Times as well, since the magazine chose to publish such a ridiculous statement.

What is more, the author, Bill Saporito, managing editor at Time, could easily have inserted any number of other institutions to make his unrelated analogy.

Bill Donohue from The Catholic League responded in these words:
This vicious, and wholly gratuitous, smear of the entire Catholic Church demands an apology. Vicious analogies citing other demographic groups—on this same subject—could have been made, but they would never have been published. Which means that persons other than Saporito should also issue an apology to Roman Catholics. We might expect this kind of cruel remark from some no-name angry blogger, but not from a high-ranking person at Time [more].
Yes, it does demand an apology, but I won't wait around for one.

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