13 August 2011

Lightning speed, Vatican style?

Regrettably, even within the Church there are those are simply clueless.  Consider this statement from an anonymous editorial at Cath News USA:
I am been amazed, and a bit amused, by the lightening speed with which the Vatican has been reacting to any slight sound or movement in favor of women’s ordination, especially among the hierarchy or clergy.
I'm not sure how fast "lightning speed" is, but it can't be too fast.  To substantiate the claim, the editor brings forward the recent example of Cardinal Policarpo whose story, admittedly, did take place rather quickly, even by Roman standards; from beginning to end, it seems to have taken just one week.

But there are other examples cited whose courses are not so swift.

The editor cites the example of Bishop William Morris, whose story has taken some five years.  That's not quite what I would term "lightening speed."

The author also cites the example of Father Roy Bourgeois, whose story dates back to at least 2008.  Again, that doesn't seem to "lightning speed."

Could it be that the Holy See has begun to act more swiftly in such cases in more recent months?  Yes, it is possible, but one example hardly sets the standard for lightning speed.

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