13 August 2011

Corey Feldman: Paedophilia is Hollywood's biggest problem

The Daily Mail reports that in a recent interview with ABC's Nightline, actor Corey Feldman said, "Paedophilia is Hollywood's biggest problem."

Here are the first paragraphs of the article, with my comments:
Actor Corey Feldman has sensationally claimed that his Lost Boys co-star Corey Haim was the victim of a paedophile who was also a Hollywood mogul [sensational, or true?  No media reports have described the false allegations against priests with this word.  Why use it to describe Feldman's claim?  Has his claim even been investigated?].

The Lost Boys actor said he was 'literally surrounded' by paedophiles at the age of 14, but didn't realise 'until I was much older what they were and what they wanted.'

In a special report, 'Underage And Famous' for ABC's Nightline show, Feldman blamed former co-star Corey Haim's death at the age 38 on the abuse he suffered at the hands of a 'Hollywood mogul' he refused to name [more].
Reading Feldman's claim, I can't help but think of the case of Roman Polanski, who in 1977 raped a thirteen year old girl.  He accepted a plea bargain and the charges against him where dropped.  He has been living in France since 1978.

With both of these cases in mind, I ask again: where is the media's focus on the claims of pedophilia here?  Why are they not investigating these claims and demanding transparency?  And why is society as a whole not concerned?

If Feldman's claims involved a Catholic priest the media would be all over this story.  If Polanski were a Catholic priest the media would be all over his story, too.  As it is, because they are not priests, the media and society are quite content to ignore the scourge of sexual abuse of children present in all areas of society.  When will society and the media get serious about addressing this devasting societal problem?

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  1. Paedophilia in Hollywood? Why, if only they allowed actors to get married... you know, more than six or seven times apiece... this kind of thing would never happen.