05 August 2011

The difference climate makes

Last evening, the temperatures having finally cooled to a decent level, I decided to go for what I intended to be a rather long walk, for at least an hour each way.

When I was in Hawaii a short time ago I went for long walks - and more - at least twice a day.  I thought nothing of rising from bed, saying my morning prayers and then walking an hour to the beach, going for a swim and then walking back to the Cathedral for the Noon Mass.  In the afternoon I would often go out again.  One morning I went to the east coast and spent a couple of hours climbing Makapu'u and then that same afternoon I went hiking through a rain forest for a couple of hours to see Manoa Falls (though I did feel it a bit the next day):

Manoa Falls

At any rate, when I set out last I realized within the first ten minutes of the walk that my left hip and my right knee would only let me walk for about forty-five minutes, and even that with some discomfort.

Oh, what a difference climate makes!

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