05 April 2010

On limitations, knowing them

Each year, promptly following the great and numerous celebrations of Easter and Christmas, I - and many other priests - enter into a state of mental and spiritual exhaustion. Physically I often feel fine, but have only enough mental stamina left to accomplish but a few mindless tasks.

This morning I have largely - though not entirely - recovered from such a state, but am now finding myself physically exhausted, the consequence of a dense and heavy midwestern fog that has settled on Virden in the course of the night (curiously, Hawaiian fog doesn't affect me in this same way). It is present still and shows no sign of lifting anytime soon.

In a few minutes I will be on the telephone rescheduling a series of appointments in an attempt to rest up.

1 comment:

  1. Rest, Father!
    Only those who go through these blessed days with such intensity know of what you are speaking.
    The beauty and sublime mysteries we have celebrated; the physical and mental and emotional demands of "being attentive"; the fact that this Easter Octave is Easter Sunday for eight days, where we should rest and "be with the Lord" as the disciples as Emmaus; all are such wonderful realities we are privileged to be a part of.
    Enjoy the Octave!