23 April 2010

Daren the Dragon Slayer?

Somehow it does not have the same ring as George the Dragon Slayer, whose feast we celebrate today.

I bring it up today only because of a short-lived family tradition that ended with my father.

My great-great grandfather Ambrose emmigrated from Germany in 1866. He lived in New York for nine months and then settled in Quincy where he helped with the building of several churches (he was a stone mason by trade, as were several of his ancestors).

He named his first son George, who in turned named his first son George Arthur. He named his first son (and only) son George William who named me Daren.

I'm not sure what happened and I don't know why my parents chose my name. But I should have liked to have been named George something-or-other. I wouldn't likely have gone by George, but I would have used it well.

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  1. I think I would ask the same question, although, I like the name Daren, too. It took me years to adjust to Sarah. My middle name is Clarice. Doesn't fit at.all., I think. But, I've grown to like them both - I'd have preferred Irish names but my parents have always been a bit traditional.