19 April 2010

Say hello to Claire

Last night I returned to Virden with Claire. She is about nine weeks old and is half lab and half rotweiller. She is very calm and loves to lay on me, either my lap, my feet or even my legs.

Once I put her bed and a toy in the front seat of the car last night she made the trip very well. I hope she'll make a fine travelling companion. Tomorrow I hope to make a little visit to Effingham, both to drop off the rectory key that I forgot to leave behind and to introduce her to Molly, my previous pastor's German Shepherd. I think they'll get along very well.

One of my parishioners has already referred to her as my "fuzzy executive assistant." This afternoon she proved his point.

She put her front paws up onto the chair at my desk and tried to hop up but couldn't quite make the jump. I lifted her up and placed her on the chair, which she quickly seems to have taken over.

She's very intrigued by my keyboard; now if she could only type.