23 April 2010

Msgr. Kemme urges prayers for Bishop Paprocki

Yesterday the Reverend Monsignor Carl A. Kemme, Administrator of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois, wrote to the priests and parish life coordinators of the Diocese urging prayers for our Bishop-Designate, the Most Reverend Thomas J. Paprocki.

His suggestions are, to my mind, very good. Here is a snippet from his letter (with my emphases):

While it is necessary to attend to the more mundane details of his arrival and installation, it is even more important to remember that this is a deeply spiritual moment for our diocese, one in which we will want to invite the prayerful reflection of our people.

To that end, I would like to suggest the following to be considered as a spiritual bouquet we might like to offer Bishop Paprocki in this period of preparation for his Episcopal leadership.

1) Consider a weekly mass intention, perhaps on Tuesday’s leading up to the day of installation. The intention could be for Bishop Paprocki himself or an intention of thanksgiving for the gift of a new bishop.

2) Offering the public recitation of the rosary before the Saturday vigil Mass during the month of May, asking Mary the Immaculate Conception to intercede for Bishop Paprocki during his time as our bishop.

3) If you have a school, invite the school children to pray before the school day begins for the intentions of Bishop Paprocki.

4) Include an intention in the general intercessions for Bishop Paprocki during each weekend Mass.

5) Invite your people to a voluntary day of fasting and prayer on Friday, June 11, the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, offering up this sacrifice for Bishop Paprocki and for the needs of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

It is my hope that these suggestions will help us to focus on the spiritual significance of the appointment of our new bishop. I am certain Bishop Paprocki will be most grateful for your prayers and those of your people.

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  1. The Office for Catechesis will also be collecting spiritual bouquets from the schools to present to Bishop Paprocki.