10 April 2010

I think I found a dog

When I was back in Effingham I tried several times to convince the pastor to let me get a dog, but he refused. He insisted one dog in the house - Molly, his German Shepherd, was enough.

He may have been right.

Besides, the house-keeper jokingly threatened to quit if she had to clean up any more dog hair.

At the time I said I would name my dog Chiara and call her Chi-Chi for short maybe. (If the dog was a male I was going to call him Aethelred, but didn't really like Red for short, and I didn't quite know what else to shorten the name to.)

Yesterday morning my accountant called to tell me my taxes were finished and that I could come by and sign the forms or they could mailed them to me. Not feeling comfortable trusting the postal service with such documents and so little time, I returned to Effingham to complete the business.

Since I was in town one of my former soccer players told me I should look at the two puppies he had left that were up for adoption. One of the puppies is a boy and the other a girl. Here I am with the girl:

As you can see, she is very cute, is almost house-broken and already fetches. And her name is Claire. Chiara is Italian for Claire.

I think she'll soon be moving to Virden, once a few details are arranged.


  1. Anonymous7:49 AM

    I like that name 'Claire' for her. What sort of breed(s) is she?

  2. Awww! She's adorable!

  3. Is she a shepherd collie mix So pretty! Love the name!

  4. She's beautiful!
    And Chiara is a great name.
    We have "Kieran" (a JR Terrier, named for a great Irish monk) and Tessa (named for St. Therese, she's a black/white shelty).
    Enjoy, Father!