17 March 2009


It has always been a dream of mine to live in a medieval manor (I've often said I was born a thousand years too late and an ocean away).

In the seminary each floor typically had a resident priest who served as a mentor and also a seminarian representative for the floor who received memos and other such things. I received the questionable honor of being elected as the representative on my floor. Our resident priest was also responsible for the pre-theology program and transferred from our floor to another and was not replaced, while I remained the representative. Shortly thereafter I adopted the title of Lord Regent, which became a good joke across campus.

Some of my classmates even joked about what name the village in which I might live would be called. Some suggested Darenbridge and others Darenham, which seems to flow better. Zehnle just doesn't seem to work as a village name.

Now it seems this might actually be possible. A friend sent in this delightful news:

(Linkenholt, England) -- A complete English village is going up for sale. The hamlet is complete with 22 houses and cottages, a clock tower, two blacksmiths and a cricket pitch. It's listed for sale at more than 31-million dollars. It's nestled in rolling countryside and is part of a two-thousand acre estate. One of the residents says he hopes the buyer will live on the property and act as lord of the manor. The agents for the property call it a "safe and sound investment," noting the spread includes 15-hundred acres of farmland. The late owner of the village died with no heirs and left the property to a trust to benefit sick children, the elderly and injured jockeys.
It sounds perfect! Is there a kind and generous donor willing to purchase the village?

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