12 March 2009

Hearty congratulations!

This morning a group of our high school students went to Eastern Illinois University in Charleston for the sectional Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering competition.

When they competed in the regional competition, they not only took first place in their division (earning all possible points), they also took first place among every division.

When I saw them off this morning I told them to bring back first place, and I've just received word that they did! Our teams' results are as follows:
In math, Craig Brummer took first, Alex Bauer took second and Heather Esker
took third.

In physics, Miles Baker took first and Marty Jansen and Taylor Oltman tied for third.

In chemistry, Greg Schmidt took first, Drew Willenborg took second and Miles Baker took third.

In english, Craig Brummer took first.

Congratulations on a job very well done! You've made us very proud!

When I know how they performed overall, I will update this post.

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