02 March 2009

Readers' Top Ten

With all of my travels this week and my work on preparing my talks at Franciscan University this weekend, blogging will likely be extremely light this week. With this in mind, I thought I would leave you a little project to work on in my absence (I'll post a few things here and there as they occur to me, but not quite as much as usual).

For several weeks I've been pondering adding a Top Ten list of my posts to the sidebar. I'd like you to help me with this (and it could be good penance for you). Looking back over my posts over the years, which ones do you like best? Which ones deserve to be added to a top ten list?

Leave your favorites in the comment box (I'll try to approve them as quickly as possible as I'll have Internet access on the road) so others can look at them, too. Argue with each other (nicely) and hash it out. I hope this can be a fun little project.

Your favorite posts can be humorous, pointless, inspirational, didactic and anything in between. Whichever ones are your favorites are your favorites.

After you've suggested your favorites I'll put a poll together with the nominations, which will allow you to vote for ten choices (I think I can find a way to make that work). We'll leave that poll up for a week or two and then we'll have the Readers' Top Ten list. Deal? Thanks!

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