20 March 2009


The National Catholic Reporter's recent article concerning Ms. Ruth Kolpack seems to be missing (see my initial post). Does anybody know where it went?

There is, though, another article about Ms. Kolpack's thesis, which should raise concerns about her ecclesiology. Consider this excerpt from the article:

She cites as an example of the “evil of literalism,” the late Pope John Paul II’s apostolic letter “Ordinatio Sacredotalis.” The document, she writes, is an example of “dual anthropology” that often is applied to women in the church,. “Women are ‘necessary and irreplaceable’ in the church as ‘martyrs, virgins and mothers.’ On the one hand, John Paul is accepting women’s role in the church but, on the other hand, is relegating them to the home to be physical mothers or to religious life to be spiritual mothers.”

In the document, John Paul three times mentions that the church cannot ordain women because Christ chose only men and only 12 men. “If this literalism were followed through in every way,” she writes,” there would be only twelve priests in the church and they would all be Jewish Middle Eastern men.” The purpose of such a “literalist argument … appears to be to exclude women from ordination,” she said.
That position is a bit problematic.

Update: I found the initial article at the NCR's web site. It seems the article was moved from one section of the web site to another.

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