29 July 2008

Praised be Jesus Christ!

In his infinite goodness, God has seen fit to make it possible for me to visit the island of Molokai tomorrow, where I will take a tour of the island and pray at the tomb of Blessed Damien of Molokai, the leper priest, who will soon be canonized.

I want to publicly thank Sandy at Hawaii Adventure Hiking for her tireless help in arranging this more. Mahalo, Sandy!

It's been no small ordeal trying to get from Oahu to Molokai. It was looking as though I would have to take a ferry (or plane) first to Maui and then fly to Molokai the next day (no flights go directly from Oahu to Molokai in time for a tour). Sandy was able to arrange it somehow that I can fly right into Kalaupapa National Park from the Honolulu airport.

And here I was beginning to wonder if my hoped for pilgrimage to the leper colony would take place.

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