01 July 2008

A journey home

I left Effingham yesterday much later than intended -some eight hours later - due to a bit of a miscommunication.

The unexpected time spent in Effingham provided a nice opportunity to re-pack for Wednesday night's/Thursday morning's departure for the pilgrimage to WYD 2008.

Everything fits in one check bag and one carry-on, but I almost think the bags are a bit too heavy. Upon my return to Effingham in the morning I'll weigh the bags and make the necessary adjustments. I'm very happy to say that I've packed more lightly for this trip than for any before.

I finally left Effingham early in the evening, which provided an absolutely beautiful drive across central Illinois.
You may think me funny, but I find that west central Illinois has a distinct smell throughout the summer months, a scent I've not found elsewhere (and it isn't the smell of pigs). It's a charming aroma, really, that filled that wafted through the open windows and moonroof of the car.
The drive could only have been better with a convertible and a couple of good friends for company.
I'll leave you with one bit of advice before I head out to visit with friends and family: don't drive west as the sun is setting. It makes it a bit difficult to see:

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