07 May 2008

An update

It's been quite here on the blog for the last twenty-four hours and, as much as I would have liked to blog a bit, for good cause.

Yesterday the priests of the Diocese gathered for our annual "Jubilee Day" to celebrate our silver and golden jubilarians (the day of their ordination almost didn't happen).

Prior to the gathering, the Priests Personnel Board met in a makeshirt "war room." Oddly enough, the room which was utilized has chairs that are far more comfortable than the actual war room.

Our planning concluded just about the tim that the other priests began arriving at the parish.

A priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago offered two reflections, which were followed by Vespers and dinner.

After dinner, I met a few priests at the Cathedral and had an enjoyable few hours visiting more wth them. I left Springfield about 11:30 p.m., which made for a very late night, but it was well worth seeing them again.

Tomorrow evening the World Youth Day 2008 pilgrims and parents will meet to go over the itinerary and other such important details, thus providing much of the day's work. Tomorrow I hope to put some folders together with everything the parents might want (I'm sure I'll forget five or six things, though).

We've had some almost stormy weather here in Effingham the past several days, but still - quite disappointingly - no actual storms have materialized. One of my favorite pasttimes growing up was watching the storms rolling over the Mississippi River. The bigger the storm, the happier I am. There's still hope for tomorrow I'm told.

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