27 May 2015

Even God's holy ones must fail in recounting the wonders of the Lord

If “even God’s holy ones must fail in recounting the wonders of the Lord, though God has given these, his hosts, the strength to stand before his glory,” what hope do I have of even beginning to describe the wonders of these last ten years (Sirach 42:17)? So many memories fill my heart today, memories of people and places and events, and of so many graces the Lord, in his mercy, has given me through them.

To be entrusted with the sacred duty of standing daily before the Lord’s glory, indeed, of holding his glory in my hands, is itself more than the mind can grasp and more than the heart, without the aid of his grace, can bear. To be sent to heal the wounds of sin and to gather the Lord’s flock together around his altar is an honor of which I am unworthy.

As I think about the six other priests with whom I was ordained, it is clear that, as Sirach says, “All of them differ, one from another, yet none of them has [the Lord] made in vain” (Sirach 42:24). With our personalities, interests, and talents, we are very different indeed, yet nonetheless the Lord has seen fit to weave us together into the tapestry of his priesthood, for the glory of his name and the salvation of souls.

The Lord Jesus asks Bartimaeus today, “What do you want me to do for you?” The blind man offers the rather obvious reply, “Master, I want to see” (Mark 10:51). If the Great High Priest were to ask this same question of me today, my answer would be the same: “Master, I want to see. I want to see your face. I want to look upon and contemplate its beauty and glory. Make me worthy, Lord, of so glorious a vision.” 

"Let me see your face, Lord, and that will be enough for me."

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