01 September 2014

The Death of Winter, As Seen in Pictures

For many long years now I have despised winter, finding little beauty even in a fresh fallen snow. I look outside and see little but death.

As I read through the current issue of National Geographic I saw a series of three pictures that brilliantly captured my assessment of winter.

The images were taken by Kacper Kowalski of a lake in Tricity Landscape Park (somewhere in Poland) and its surrounding forest. They were published in the section, Visions of Earth 2014.

The first picture was taken in the spring:

This photograph shows the area to be full of life and beauty.

The second picture was taken in the autumn:

Here, some life remains, but the color is clearly retreating.

The third picture was taken in the winter:

It looks barren and bereft of life. This is why I hate winter.

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