09 September 2014

A News Round Up - 9 September 2014

Some news you may have missed:
  • Everyone of California's 23 state universities has "derecognized" InterVarsity Christian Fellowships, a Christian collegiate group, because its leaders are Christian and non-Christians cannot lead the group. You might think it would make sense for leaders of a Christian group to be Christian, but academics in the U.S. do not think so.
  • President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe recently declared that all descendents of the British who are in Zimbabwe "should all go back to England." Never mind the fact that many of these descendants would have been born in Zimbabwe. Several years ago the priests of my diocese took part in a racism seminar in which the presenter told me "you cannot be racist if you aren't white." And he meant it. President Mugabe shows the falsity of his words.
  • The sale of Lego building bricks (which I loved as a boy and still enjoying playing with today) has surpassed even the sale of Barbie products. The increase of sales, we are told, is due to the success of The Lego Movie, which was a brilliant critique of contemporary American life, even if most Americas were oblivious to the criticism.
  • A new taxi service has been established in New York City (She Taxis - She Rides) which employs only female drivers and will only transport female riders. Now, I understand the meaning and the purpose behind such an endeavor, but can you imagine the public outcry and cries of discrimination that would ensue if a taxi company was establish that would only employ male drivers and only transport male riders?
  • Seven years ago scientists declared the Aldabra banded snail to be extinct, a victim of global warming. Now, however, the snail has been alive. One can't help but wonder what other declarations resulting from global warming will also be proved false.
  • GoFundMe has shut down a woman's attempt to fund her abortion - a fund the Illinois woman called the "Stop Bailey From Breeding Fund" - through the web site because the fund is "not appropriate for our site". I commend GoFundMe for their sense of public decency.

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