21 September 2014

  • Black Friday has taken on a new meaning in Benghazi where the Islamist army Ansar al-Sharia staged an unprecedented killing of ten civil rights workers, including two teenagers. Meanwhile, in other parts of Libya, the Islamist militant the Dawn of Libya, continues to gain power.
  • A zuchetto worn by His Holiness Pope Francis is being auctioned on EBay to help raise funds for to combat infant mortality in the Democratic Republic of Congo. When last I heard, the bidding exceeding $130,000.
  • A Catholic family in Florida may soon have to remove statues of Jesus and Mary from its front lawn because, according to the Oaks Homeowners Association, Inc., the statues are not "harmonious with the surrounding properties." Lawyers for the association wrote to the family demanding the family “ provide the Association in writing the stated religion, the religious significance of the statues, and why these statues cannot be relocated to a different location on the Lot or enclosed behind a fence out of street view." If you think there isn't a growing move to force religion from the public square, think again.

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