10 September 2014

News Round Up - 10 September 2014

Here's another collection of the some of the news you may have missed:
  • I've always thought of the penny as an unreasonable part of U.S. currency and recent news confirms this thought: The U.S. mint lost more $100,000 in the production of pennies (and nickels) last year.
  • The National Football League (NFL) collected more than $9,500,000,000 in profits in 2012, beating out the profits of any another national sport (Major League Baseball came in second with $7,000,000,000 in profits). The combined revenues in 2012 of the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NASCAR, NBA, and the Premier League totaled a whopping $33,700,000,000. Curiously, no one calls for any of these monies (not even part of the profits) to be used on the poor. Imagine what the churches could do if peopled contributed to charitable causes with the same energy!
  • For months now we have been rightly hearing of the plight of Christians in Iraq and in Syria at the hands of the Islamic State and news of the plight of Christians in Nigeria under Boko Haram is coming to light, but we have not yet heard much about the plight of Christians in Libya where Catholics now feel "trapped and helpless" as the Dawn of Libya grows in strength. In three different parts of the world Christians are suffering persecution from militant Islamic groups, and these three are not the only ones active in the world.

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