22 October 2012

Tolton's grave in the fall

This past Friday I attended a Gala Fundraiser for the Cause of Sainthood of Father Augustus Tolton with three other priests of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois and Bishop Paprocki.  All told, some three hundred people were present for the enjoyable evening.

I took a few pictures from the evening, but none of them turned out too well.  His Eminence Francis Cardinal George, O.M.I., Archbishop of Chicago, stopped in for a moments and addressed us.  I was glad to see he looked well as he continues his chemotherapy treatments.

On Saturday evening I returned to Quincy to help with Quincy Notre Dame's sophomore retreat.  As I always do when I return to the Gem City, I stopped by the grave of Father Tolton, which was particularly beautiful and draped in the colors of autumn:


  1. Mary Ellen5:01 PM

    "I was glad to see he looked well"

    You means he looks "good" not "well" -- an adjective, not an adverb.

    On a more important note, that's not always good -- the chemo is supposed to knock the person out if it's working well. When the chemo fails to work, sometimes the person looks as good as he / she did before the treatment.

    1. No, I mean that he looks well. Good is a moral quality and is not a proper description of health.