17 October 2012

Call PP to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day

During last night's Presidential Debate, President Obama once again claimed that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms, which it, in fact, does not.

To help illustrate the point, Abby Johnson has designated tomorrow, October 18, 2012, "Call Planned Parenthood to Schedule Your Imaginary Mammogram Day."  The number to call is 1-800-230-PLAN.

Abby imagines your conversation will go something like this:
PP: "Thank you for calling Planned Parenthood, how can I help you?"Caller: "I'd like to come in to your clinic for a mammogram."PP: "We do perform clinical breast exams, and we refer out for mammograms, but we don't perform them in the clinic."Caller: "What? But Barack Obama said you guys provide mammograms!"PP: "We don't. We refer out for them."
TRUTH BOMB: Planned Parenthood is a level-one breast service provider. This means they are not only unequipped to perform mammography... it is ILLEGAL for them to do so. The extent of their breast health services are manual breast exams. They refer out for mammograms, but they DO NOT PROVIDE THEM.

Ladies, you know what to do.  Call Planned Parenthood and when they tell you they don't in fact provide mammograms, write to President Obama and gently correct him.

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