05 October 2012

Paprocki: State Journal-Register twisted my words

Thirteen days after it was published, the State Journal-Register finally picked up the story about Bishop Paprocki's recent column in the Catholic Times, "Think and pray about your vote in upcoming election."

Yesterday, fourteen days after it was published, the editors of the State Journal Register distorted the Bishop's words and accused him of only dividing the Church further.

Today, the State Journal-Register has published an letter from Bishop Paprocki in which he sets the record straight:
In fact if one were to read my whole column it would be apparent that I wrote, “Certainly there are ‘pro-choice’ Republicans who support abortion rights and ‘Log Cabin Republicans’ who promote same-sex marriage, and they are equally as wrong as their Democratic counterparts.” So it is simply inaccurate to infer that I was only criticizing Democrats [more].

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