06 October 2012

Gifts of aloha

Every now and again I receive a package or two from my Hawaiian friends.  Their thoughtfulness of their gifts - together with the randomness of their timing - always brings joy to my heart and brings to mind the beauty of the islands and their people.

Over the last week three such packages arrived.  The first contained a fun addition to my little friends:

The addition is a Lego man key chain, sporting an "I Love Hawaii" t-shirt.

The second package - two of them, actually, contained several lovely knot "decade" rosaries made by a woman I met on my most recent visit:

The third package contained a variety of items:

Included were several issues of the Hawaii Catholic Herald, a package of pasta, a box of teas with instructions for making pineapple tea, macadamia shortbread cookies, a box of Hawaiian trivia cards, a few candies and a holy card of Saint Pio.

Mahalo to you all, my dear ohana!

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  1. I am so happy you like them.
    Mahalo for your prayer!!!