05 September 2012

I'm not alone

One of my fondest memories of Hawaii occurred a few years ago.  As I set out from the Cathedral to watch the sunset along the North Shore, I sad to myself (I often talk to myself, and sometimes even out loud), "I should bring a sweatshirt."  But, thinking I know better than myself, I said, "I won't need one; I'm in Hawaii."

I arrived at Lanikai Beach and sat down on the shore; I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt.  As the sun lowered slowly toward the water and the wind blew upon me, I found myself not just cold, but actually shivering; I was freezing (in Hawaii).  I couldn't bear the thought, though, of pulling myself away before the sun actually set into the sea, so soon as it did I returned to my car.

When I started the ignition the external temperature display revealed the frigid temperature that made me really wish I had listened to myself: 74 degrees Fahrenheit.  I knew then that I had become an Hawaiian.

Today I returned to the mainland and am now back in Springfield where it's cold indoors and hot outdoors (more on the return tomorrow, maybe) where I still start to feel a little chilly when the temperature hits about 72 (our humidity apparently makes  difference).

I'm to say, though, that I'm not the only one who gets chilly in Hawaii.  A few days ago I took a long stroll along Kailua Beach and was humored to see this house:

Notice the chimney.

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