03 July 2012

The Prayer Rally

If you only know local news stories through the State Journal-Register, you'd never know that some two hundred people - of all ages and backgrounds - joined Bishop Paprocki in prayer for religious liberty in the heat of the Noon-day sun yesterday outside the State Capital.
No coverage was given in either the print or online editions, and you know: If the media doesn't cover it, it didn't happen.
Fortunately, the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois uploaded a video of the prayer service:

It was certainly a very hot afternoon, but as I sat and stood roasting in my cassock I kept thinking one thought: It could be hotter (it was only, I think, 97 degrees and Sunday we reached at least 99 degrees).

One doesn't want to make too much of these sort of things, of course, but as we stood for the Alleluia before the Gospel, I couldn't help but notice at that moment a breeze came through the area and even turned the page in the binder at the podium to the Gospel passage (it did my work for me!  If you watch closely, you can see it in the video).  In that breeze, it seemed the hand of Providence was upon us.

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