23 July 2012

Lessons from the young

This week I am attending an Advanced Catholic Training in which we seek to explain certain aspects of the faith to young people.  Today I learned too very important lessons from young people.

The first lesson is a reminder of how - in certain ways - I am very much behind the times.  I had pulled out my calendar/planner to check on a couple of dates and placed it near a bottle of DrPepper Then.  A few minutes later someone said with a note of surprise, "What is that?!"

Thinking he was referring to the DrPepper Ten, I started to explain when he interrupted, saying something like, "No, that book."  He then explained that no one these days keeps a paper calendar.

The second lesson concerns the mind of God.  I was helping one of the groups prepare for Mass this evening when I reminded the lector to pay attention to the tone of the reading.  After explaining that God was challenging his people I was told, "If God were really angry he would have used caps lock."


  1. That makes me ancient!

  2. Anonymous9:38 PM

    Yes but when all this technology fails, you and I will still be able to keep our appointments.

  3. Anonymous8:46 PM

    LOVE it. I am with you -- still use a paper calendar too.

  4. Oh father you may more to teach them than you realize - ha! Granted they usually teach me a lot as well.