21 July 2012

Caution: Falling Ice

If you haven't been to confession in a while, you might consider doing so because you just never know when a block of ice might fall from the sky:
Worshippers attending Mass at Brentwood Cathedral in Essex had a rude experience when a large block of ice fell through the roof during the Eucharistic Prayer.

Fr James Mackay told BBC Essex: “Last Sunday just gone, I was celebrating Mass and halfway through there was a massive explosion to the west side of the cathedral.  
Everything was stopped as we heard this. I turned to my left to see lots of slate and white stuff falling from the roof. After a couple of seconds of shocked pause, I said: ‘Right, let’s crack on.’ And we did.”

Fr Mackay said: “It became clear later on that it was actually a block of frozen refuse that dropped from an aeroplane. We could see the damage – it fell straight through the slate… It was a bit of an adventure” [more].
I often joke with people that we never know when death will come, that we might be struck by a meteor in a few minutes.  I suppose the likelihood of being struck by falling objects might be higher than I anticipated.

If you don't want to know when you'll die, I don't recommend looking up too much; best to be caught off guard.

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