10 July 2012

Photo request

In the midst of a very busy week (I'm preparing to serve as the Spiritual Director for Great River Teens Encounter Christ #281 July 14-16; a Catholic Leadership Institute July 15-20; and an Advanced Catholic Training July 23-26), I've had the welcome blessing of being able to visit a number of good friends whom I haven't seen in a while.

One such family visited Quincy this past weekend and, on their way back to Ohio, made a little pilgrimage to the grave of the Servant of God Father Augustus Tolton before having lunch with me in Springfield.  They sent along this picture of their daughters holding two prayer cards (one for his canonization and one for more vocations) I recently gave them:

Looking at the base of the grave, I was very happy to see more flowers there Monday morning than were there when I visited the grave Sunday evening.

Seeing their picture, I thought it would be nice to have an ongoing feature on this blog of pictures of people at the grave of Father Tolton.  If you visit his grave, please, after praying there, take a picture and, if you don't mind, send it my way to post here (I'll have to do it myself sometime).

This would be one more sign of devotion to Father Tolton and would be a good help to the Cause for his Beatification and Canonization.  Thanks!

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