11 July 2009

An unexpected tour

Some months back I apparently blew one of the rear speakers in my car. I guess I listen to Libera and Handel a bit too loudly.

I never noticed a speaker was blown, but the high school students did as we traveled to soccer games. Some time ago, one of them offered to replace the speaker and last week we finally got around to ordering one. It arrived this morning so I met him at his family's car wash for him to get to work. (Since it was raining this morning, the car wash was closed.)

It didn't take him very long at all to finish his work; he's very handy at such things.

After he replaced the speaker he gave me a tour of the car wash and demonstrated how the various aspects of it work. It was a bit more complicated than I would have thought. If you ever get the chance to tour a car wash I recommend it.

On another note, I haven't yet written out this weekend's homily. I've been a bit tired yesterday and today waiting for a storm to break overhead. Unfortunately, the storms keep going around Effingham and more clouds keep coming from the west. I'm looking forward to a sunny day soon when my arthritis goes down and my energy returns.

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