11 June 2014

Bruno Mars is right: Something sings in Hawaii

I do not know the music of Bruno Mars (in fact, I can only think of one song he sings), but I know he is a musician from Hawaii. A little while ago, I saw a quote attributed to him:

A little more than four years ago, I wrote something very similar:
In their beautiful singing of “Something sings,” the boys of Libera sing, “But in the dark and cold of things, there always, always something sings.” In the Land of Aloha, something always sings within me. Something sings from the blue skies, from the rainbows, from the joyful Hawaiians, from the deep waters, from the forests and from the mountains and stars. Somethings sings, calling to me.

It is something I cannot fully put into words, and I feel it most deeply in Hawaii.
What is it that sings in Hawaii? You'll have to read the original post.

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