30 January 2014

The curious timing of an article about the "Vatican bank"

The Associated Press published today an article by Nicole Winfield concerning a "technical glitch" that resulted in tens of pensioners with monies in the "Vatican bank" receiving a letter telling them they would need to withdraw their monies or lose them.  The mistake has been acknowledged and an apology has been made.

Certainly this is a newsworthy article, especially given the publicity of the reforms of the "Vatican bank" that began with Pope Benedict XVI and have been heightened by Pope Francis, but what seems odd to me is the timing of this article.

In the fifth paragraph of the report, we are told:
Bank President Ernst Von Freyberg penned a terse letter to clients Sept. 19, telling them to come to the bank before Nov. 30 to transfer their money out because they no longer fit the criteria of account-holders set by the board.

Today is January 30th.  The letters were mailed September 19th.  The deadline for withdrawal was November 30.  Two months ago.

Why are hearing about this now?

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