27 January 2014

An English reader

A few years ago this blog had a fair number of consistent readers from England, for reasons which I could never quite discern, but today I believe I found the answer.  Those numbers have decreased somewhat in recent years, no doubt in part because posting here has been less regular in recent years as it once was.

Among the priests with whom I sat at table this afternoon was an English priests (we have two Englishmen with us at the Casa Santa Maria, and seven Australians).  I don't remember how it happened, but somehow the topic of blogs came up and so I mentioned mine.

After I gave the name of the blog and its address, the English priest, with wide eyes, asked for the name of it again.  I repeated it and he said, "That's you!"  We've known each other know for several months but he had not yet made the connection.  Apparently he was one of my regular readers from England, together with a number of his then fellow seminarians.  I'm happy to say that he was very pleased by what he read here.

The more I travel the wide world, the smaller - and more connected - the world becomes.

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