29 January 2014

On that Rolling Stone article about Pope Francis

Since the election of Jorge Cardinal Bergoglio to the See of Peter the media has continually attempted to manipulate the words of Pope Francis to suit the agenda of the media.  To my disappointment, the Press Office has said surprisingly little about such manipulations until recent days.

It seems the forthcoming publication of Rolling Stone with Pope Francis on the cover the Press Office may have finally ruffled a few feathers, as it were, and so the Press Office has become a bit more direct in its criticism of the media's portrayal of the Holy Father.

Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., Director of the Press Office, apparently finally having grown tired of the media's constant attempt to pit Francis against his predecessor Benedict in a sort of Good Pope/Bad Pope narrative, said, as reported by Zenit:
Unfortunately, the article disqualifies itself, falling in the usual mistake of a superficial journalism, which in order to highlight the positive aspects of Pope Francis, thinks it should describe in a negative way the pontificate of Pope Benedict, and does so with a surprising crudeness.
He went on to note that "this is not the way to do a good service even to Pope Francis, who knows very well what the Church owes to his predecessor."

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