02 September 2013

The last sunset

There was last night over the city of Saint Francis a most beautiful sunset:

I left my casa to watch the setting of the sun because, as the Little Prince says, "You know, one loves the sunset, when one is so sad..."

As I considered the statue depicting the expression of Saint Francis as he returned to Assisi rather dejected after a failed attempt at military glory, I couldn't help but notice his sadness much resembled mine; not so much because of a failed attempt for glory, but because of the thought of leaving Assisi.

The other day, Barb, who blogs at Franciscan Mom, commented on one of my recent posts that my "time in Assisi has been more than language learning. It's a retreat, in a way."  She's quite right, of course, and that is no small part of what I do not wish to leave this tranquil city.  How I wish that everyone could experience the beauty of this living tomb as I have done!

Today, my last day in Assisi (for now!), there is both deep gratitude and sorrow in my heart; I am truly grateful for the many blessings of these past several weeks and sad to leave this holy place.  Still, I know I shall return as often as possible over the next three years.

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