18 July 2013

A new way of looking at things

Ever so slowly I am settling into my room here in the Eternal City, which entails not only putting things in what seems a good place in the room but also adjusting to another of getting things accomplished.

This clever video is a rather accurate description of some of the more notable differences between Europe (and in many ways also the United States) and Italy:

The primary task of today and tomorrow is applying tor a permesso di soggiorno, an extension of my visa beyond its one year expiration.

Before I concluded my assignment as Priest Secretary and Master of Ceremonies to the Bishop, His Excellency shared with me this sage advice: "If you set out to do four things in one day and accomplish one of them, it's a successful day."  I think I may need to increase the list of things to accomplish each day if I'm to have successful days.

More posts - and pictures - will be forthcoming.  Please continue to keep me in your prayers as you remain in mine.  On Saturday I will to Assisi where I study the Italian language for the six weeks before returning to Rome.

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