14 March 2013

Two very different but enjoyable packages

Today turned out to be a quiet mail day, but a very happy one nonetheless.
The first item to arrive as a box of books (fewer things make me happier than books).  Ignatius Press recently had a generous sale on their books written by His Holiness XVI so I took the occassion as an opportunity to fill in a few missing holes in my library:
Now I just need another vacation to read them.  Much of my recent vacation was spent like this:

...often with a Dr Pepper near by.

The second item that arrived today in the mail is very much related to the image above.  A good friend on Oahu sent me, just for fun, "a Hawaiian postcard."


At one point as hiked about the island, he remarked, "For somone who doesn't like coconut, you like to take pictures of coconut trees."  I couldn't argue that.  The humorous gift brought a much-needed smile to my face at a frustrating moment in the day.

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