28 August 2012

A book on the beach

After a full and enjoyable day yesterday, I woke this morning feeling rather tired so I decided to take a quiet afternoon spent in a quiet spot on a quiet beach reading a book I picked up yesterday, Damien: The Making of a Saint.

It is a book unlike any other I ever seen.  It has a few pages of commentary by an anonymous editor, but otherwise is composed entirely of excerpts from the writings of Father Damien and those who knew him.  Scattered throughout the book are pictures of the Leper Priest and the settlements at Kalawao and Kalaupapa, his artifacts, and some of his letters that have survived.

The excerpts are arranged in a roughly chronological order to tell the story of the Hero of Moloka'i in a unique - and gripping - way.

If you don't yet have a book about Saint Damien de Vuester - and can't find a copy of The Heart of Father Damien by Vital Jourdain, SS.CC - this is the book for you.

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