08 September 2010

From what era?

The other day I received a telephone call from the Diocesan Archivist to ask if I would be interested in portraying an individual from the late nineteenth or early twentieth century for a cemetery walk she is planning in October. It would be fun, but I am already scheduled elsewhere the day she had in mind.

In a follow up e-mail, she asked, "Are you sure you aren't from the past?" Naturally, I am sure of this, though sometimes it does seem I would fit better in another era. In fact, this is why she called in the first place, because, as she put, I seem like someone from the early twentieth century.

Even the Chancellor seems to think so. The Archivist put it this way: "you seem to have come from another time based on how you carry yourself and your look to a certain degree." I am happy to accept these thoughts as a compliment.

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