08 May 2010


This afternoon I sat down to prepare my homily for the weekend Masses and finished it without much difficulty. Naturally, this pleased me.

This evening before Mass as I set the Lectionary and the Book of the Gospels I noticed first that the Gospel I prepared was not found with the readings. Then I realized that none of the readings I prepared were to be used this weekend.

I quickly went to the sacristy to try and determine what happened. As it turns out, rather than prepare a homily for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, I prepared a homily for the Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time. Oops. I guess I'm set three years from now.

Typically as I make my way from the ambo to my chair to preach, I offer a quiet prayer before the altar: "Saint Anthony, lend me your tongue." This evening I prayed this prayer before Mass, together with, "Come, Holy Spirit!"

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  1. If you’re saying that Sunday’s sermon was “off the cuff”, then well done father. With all due respect to your predecessor, mass as a whole is a much finer experience since your arrival.